Clock and Kitchen timer

The intention was to create an easy to operate clock and kitchen timer based on standard available compoments.
The basic function is the kitchen timer. This timer is activated by pressing the rotary knob once, then you can adjust the time by this rotary, when pushed again this selected time is saved and the kitchen timer starts counting down. When the time is elapsed an alarm sound is played.

The second goal was to find out if it was 'easy' to create the case by using Autodesk Fusion 360, which is free for non-commercial usage. I found the amount of info on the internet related to the usage of Fusion 360 and the quality of this software extremely good. Thus, yes, it was easy to create the case, very nice feature is the ability to 'join' the parts together and model the PCBs to see if it all fits. I'm definately a fan of this tool.

The software of the Clock / Kitchen timer includes also several other features, such as:
- An alarm time
- Stopwatch
- Dark mode
- Ability to show messages
- Ability to show birthday wishes (etc....)

The software is included in the ZIP file, which you can download by one of the links below.

Feel free to adapt it to your needs. Ideas:
- Extend it with a Bluetooth or WiFi module to be able to send messages to the clock display.
- Extend it with an LDR and tune the LDC.
- Extend it with information about the battery status.
- Extend it with speech.
- Extend it with better quality audio (telephone quality ringones).

Download Build Manual
The link below points to a PDF file, which describes the individual components. These components are the 3d printed plastics, the CPU, RTC and other hardware required to build the clock. Further it contains information about the Arduino IDE, the configuration and how to program the software info the CPU board. You find also a user manual of the operation of the clock and details about the hardware boards (or shields) in this document.

Clock build manual (PDF)

If you want to build this clock
You can download the full package as a zip file. This contians the casing stl files, build instructions, operating manual and the software. For details see the 'clock build manual'. Use this link to download the zip package:

Download ZIP file

Contact information
If you find something to improve on, please let me know. You can contact me via this email address: