Terschelling Autum 2017......

This video is created mostly with a drone (Mavic pro) during many walks across the island. The original footage is processed with Davinci Resolve.

Our blog contains many photos and videos of vacations. Especially in 2017 during a 7 month vacation a lot of content is created. It serves as a reference for our own purpose, a sort of on-line photo album.

3D A0-size Plotter, build with a 3D printer.

Using a 3d printer (CR10s) makes it possible to design plastic components with good accuracy. The components are designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. At the left you see a screenshot of Autodesk Fusion showing how the components fit together. An Arduino + RAMPS board are used to control the motors and sensors. A PC app in Python transfers ideas into plots. The software (Arduino and Python), the stl files of the plastics and a build manual are available.