Latest video......Terschelling Autum 2017......

This video is created mostly with a drone (Mavic pro) during many walks across the island. The original footage is processed with Davinci Resolve.

Our blog contains many photos and videos of vacations. Especially in 2017 during a 7 month vacation a lot of content is created. It serves as a reference for our own purpose, a sort of on-line photo album.

3D Metal model: Bird of Prey.

This metal model is build and LEDs are added to the model, the electronics in the pedestal turn this model into a clock. The schematic, software and stl files of the 3d-printed pedestal are available as download files.
3D A0-size Plotter, build with a 3D printer.

Using a 3d printer (CR10s) makes it possible to design accurate plastic components. The components are designed in Autodesk Fusion 360, a screenshot of this tool showing how the components fit together is shows at the left side. An Arduino + RAMPS board are used to control the motors and sensors. A PC app in python transfers ideas into plots. The software (arduino and python), the stl files of the plastics and a build manual will become available soon.

This site is build as a hands-on experience to work with a database and PHP code. It implements user registration, login, email notifications and it serves as a site to store all kinds of list. This can be a todo list, address list or lists of items to remember, for instance related to software installations, tool settings, things to not forget during a camper vacation, references of study material, etc.

This site is an online version of the game 'electro'. The physical game uses two wired pencils, with one you point to a picture, with the other one to the meaning of that picture. For instance a country flag and to which contry that flag belongs. The drawback of the physical version is that it is hardwired. The location of the matched items is always the same. In this online version it's random based on server side PHP scripting. Used methods: Java, jquery and C++. Development time, including all graphics: 3 days.