Terschelling Autum 2017......

This video is created mostly with a drone (Mavic pro) during many walks across the island. The original footage is processed with Davinci Resolve.

Our blog contains many photos and videos of vacations. Especially in 2017 during a 7 month vacation a lot of content is created. It serves as a reference for our own purpose, a sort of on-line photo album.

Clock + Kitchen timer.

Using a 3d printer (CR10s) the case is printed based on STL files designed in Autodesk Fusion 360.
The clock is built from standard boards, such as the A-Star 328 CPU, RTC board, Battery shield, etc.
This clock is controlled by one rotary switch and includes several features. However the main feature is a kitchen timer.
The STL files, the software, as well a build instructions and detialed information about the used hardware can be downloaded and are free to use.
3D A0-size Plotter, build with a 3D printer.

Using a 3d printer (CR10s) makes it possible to design plastic components with good accuracy. The components are designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. At the left you see a screenshot of Autodesk Fusion showing how the components fit together. An Arduino + RAMPS board are used to control the motors and sensors. A PC app in Python transfers ideas into plots. The software (Arduino and Python), the stl files of the plastics and a build manual are available for download and free to use.
Lets play a game

In the past, decades ago, there was an educational game. It was a box with pieces of paper and two pens and a light. And of course a battery. The piece of paper was devided in a left part and a right part. The left part contained pictures in a matrix, for instance flags. The right part has the same matrix but with country names. The paper has a hole per cell in this matrix. If you put the pen in the hole of a flag, and the other pen in the hole of the corresponding country name, then the light would turn on. A smart kid would discover that the wiring is fixed. Thus you could learn which left cell corresponds to which right cell, and you had the answer correct. Here you find the same game, but now the 'connections' are different (random) per 'paper'.
There are traffic signs, flags, animals, and more. Have fun, as I had in programming this stuff, which was a three day effort.